The Science

The Fermentanicals Promise


Our journey all started with Turmeric, we discovered a plethora of research proving it works better than anti-depressants, helps PMS, aids in Gut Health, cancer, and many other diseases. Through our research, we found that Turmeric is incredibly hard for your body to absorb.

Upon delving deeper, we found that fermenting is the best way (over adding it to black pepper) to metabolise the curcumin and 300 other powerful compounds that contribute to anti-inflammatory properties in Turmeric in the body allowing for quicker absorption. This was our first product, and we used the whole root instead of just extracting the curcumin as the multiple compounds found in the entire Turmeric root is beneficial, this approach landed us Health Food of the Year in 2017 from Food & Beverage Magazine. From there, we discovered a whole range of ‘superfoods’ that can be ingested more effectively and efficiently through sprouting and fermenting, and that led to the Fermentanicals Supplements range.

We received so much support and encouragement through the cancer support community and mental health recovery community, we have been focusing our product development on ingredients that not only assist with these two conditions, but also with inflammation.

Medicinal Mushrooms

This led us to create the powerful blend of our Fermented Mushrooms. With the research regarding its immune defense and cancer fighting properties, we hand selected 10 powerful mushrooms to include in our blend. According to this collection of studies, regular consumption can promote nerve and brain health and can be used as a preventative measure against neurodegenerative diseases.  


Finally, when we came across the research on Chlorella's effects on major depressive disorder, we knew we needed to make the most digestible version of this as well. Chlorella is commonly known as a powerful detoxifier that helps with hypertension, fibromyalgia, ulcers, and research has also shown it helps with people's weight management journeys. It's such a potent functional food, not to mention it's packed with protein.

We love research so much, that we also find it’s important to note that while we love the fermentation and sprouting method, not all foods benefit from these processes. For example, we experimented with fermenting the kakadu plum, Australia’s richest source of Vitamin C, and found that in fact fermentation lowered the amount of Vitamin C in it. So again, not to hit the nail on the head, but we pour the hard yards over research to figure out the best methods to eat complex superfoods and to utilize every bite to your advantage. Feel free to ask us any questions you may have regarding the science and care that goes into making the Fermentanicals Range. 

Science behind Fermentanicals products