Our Mission

Our mission at Fermentanicals is to empower and support an individual’s path to achieve holisctic physical & mental wellness through high quality, sustainable, and organic health products. This is why we specialize in Fermented and Live “functional” supplements – these methods increase nutritional elements (powerful vitamins and minerals) in the ingredients and also assists the absorption levels in our bodies by effectively creating “pre-digested” foods. They are functional as they deliver additional health benefits to the body and mind above the nutritional profiles, aiding with both immunity and inflammation. There are so many healthy ‘superfoods’ out there, however many our bodies simply can not break down to gain their benefits. That’s where we step in, we aim to amp up the ‘super’ in your food by utilising natural processes to increase the vitamins and minerals, while making this ingredients more absorbable and digestible via fermenting.



Our Story

Fermentanicals was born from the founder, Jayta Szpitalak’s love of research & finding scientifically based natural methods of improving wellness on both a psychological and physiological level.

As a Columbia University trained Counseling Psychologist and Nutritional Health Coach, Jayta specialises in the connection between our immune systems, gut health, & brain functioning with our bodies and emotions. Her studies demonstrated a bi-directional relationship and mutual impact. It is with this notion that Jayta has set out to create a range of supplements that create the most harmony between body, brain, & emotions.

Our Difference

We at Fermentanicals take a unique approach to our product formulations. Utilizing leading scientific research on some of the most powerful supplement ingredients available globally, we reverse engineer our products to maximize positive impact. Maximum bioavailability, or our bodies ability to harness these powerful properties, is the key to each of our formulations.