Southern “Fried” Chicken (Baked)

Southern "Fried" Chicken (Baked)

Southern “Fried” Chicken (Baked)

All I can say about this dish is YUM! As an original Texan, fried chicken runs through my bones! We like our meat down in the south, but I hate the guilt that comes along with the sinfully delicious fried juicy meat….so I realised I had to clean it up! No matter how hard I have searched, I haven’t found a baked chicken that tastes as good as the fried stuff, so I have made this recipe using a blend of other recipes. I think it’s most closely related to Sarah Wilson’s “KFC” recipe from her I Quit Sugar program, but it definitely has a ‘Fermentanicals’ spin – and lots of other additional herbs and spices. We use an opened Fermented Turmeric Capsule in our marinade as Turmeric helps tendorize the meat. We swapped out her use of flour for a blend of our Fermentanicals LSA mix with some additional almond flour. The nutty flavour makes the chicken so delicious, it’s hard not to gobble it all up! This recipe definitely had me having some trouble eating mindfully! We paried this delicious chicken with a healthy fresh slaw (the dressing is just apple cider vinegar and seedy dijon mustard) and our favorite Cauliflower rice. Without further ado:


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