DIY Homemade Yogurt – No Equipment Needed!

DIY Homemade Yogurt - No Equipment Needed!

DIY Homemade Yogurt – No Equipment Needed!

We here at Fermentanicals are big fans of yogurt! Packed with gut healing fermented goodness, it’s a great way to get a dose of live probiotics. We use it in everything, from a dollop here and there in our smoothies to using it in various marinades, dressings, and of course, morning parfaits. The uses for yogurt are endless (from eating, to using it in facial masks!), so as soon as we started pairing it with our completely Sprouted and Activated LSA, we found ourselves going through more buckets of yogurt then we were used to.

Coming from an Indian heritage, I grew up watching my mother make yogurt from scratch as it’s used in a lot of curry bases. Whilst she was visiting here in Australia, I had her teach me how to make yogurt from scratch and was shocked about how easy it is, and how much money you save by making it yourself!

In the methods below, I’ll include temperatures, but rest assured, I’ve never whipped out a thermometer to make yogurt. In fact, once I let the milk cool down a little too much, and the yogurt still turned out! Bottom line, making yogurt is surprisingly forgiving. You really can’t mess it up. Try for yourself with the steps below and comment after making it!


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