Eat Fat and Improve your Health!!

Eat Fat and Improve your Health!!

Eat Fat and Improve your Health!!

I don’t know about you, but growing up in the 80s and 90s, I was chronically taught to avoid fats. Back then we were taught they were the sole cause of heart disease and health issues in food. In fact, if there was ever a low fat option, my family would inevitably purchase that. We went from having yummy full fat milk as children, to quickly replacing it with a skimmed down watery sub par version of the real thing. Although the latest research has shown us that low fat is actually not all it’s cracked up to be, whenever I stroll down the super market aisles, I can’t help but notice everything still has a low fat version. From breads to ‘guilt free junk food pleasures’, we can all get them low fat and under 100 calories! WHAT????? How is that possible?

Stripping the fats out of our foods is just putting our foods through extra processing it just doesn’t need. It’s moving our foods even further from being wholesome and nutritious. New research indicates that our previous thoughts about fat are completely wrong, and although most Western nations have recommended a low-fat diet, heart disease, obesity, and diabetes continue to rise. We as a nation need to change our attitude towards fat!

Even I have a hard time with this. Although I know healthy fats are good for me, while I’m making my salad dressings and adding my healthy oil to my recipe (olive, avocado, coconut, etc), my mind is envisioning the fats going straight to my thighs! Has all this ‘low fat’ marketing really conditioned our minds to feel this way? Healthy fats are not only high in Omega 3’s, but they help reduce inflammation and support the immune system, thin the blood, keep our bellies sated, and may even play a role in preventing depression.  This doesn’t mean go to your local bakery and scarf down the yummiest brownie you can get your hands on! We still need to avoid trans fats and saturated fats. If you can swap them for polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats that’s the first step. Try and include healthy fats in your diet from sources like avocados, olive oil, wild caught salmon and various fish, etc. However, if you can take only one thing away from these recommendations, let it be this: Eat your fat and enjoy it! Eat it with a smile on your face – kick that guilt in the backside! Happy Eating!

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