Fermentanicals Founder talks to Move Nourish Believe

Fermentanicals founder, Jayta Szpitalak, sits down with Move Nourish Believe to discuss the gut/brain connection, its effect on mental health, nutrition, and our over all body. This article breaks down the processes Fermentanicals uses as well as the motivation of why we do what we do and the reason we focus on fermenting and sometimes sprouting! Jayta also breaks down the other avenues you can take to get the most nourishment and additional benefits that you can get out of every bite you take. If you want to amplify your nutrients in your foods, definitely check this piece out. She further goes into how to tell if you are not absorbing your nutrients, potential issues that may cause gut problems or digestive issues as well as possible solutions. Happy Reading folks and please don't forget to leave us your feedback!

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