Our Mission

Our mission at Fermentanicals is to empower and support an individual’s path to achieve physical & mental wellness holistically with high quality, sustainable, and organic health products. This is why we specialize in Fermented, Sprouted, and Live foods – these methods increase nutritional elements (powerful vitamins and minerals) in the ingredients and also assists the absorption levels in our bodies by effectively creating “pre-digested” foods. We realise there are so many healthy ‘superfoods’ out there, but what is the point of consuming them if your body can’t break them down? That’s where we step in, we aim to amp up the ‘super’ in your food by utilising natural processes to amp up the vitamins and minerals, plus we make them more absorbable or digestible via sprouting and fermenting.


fermentanicalsourstoryFermentanicals was born from Jayta’s experiments in the kitchen. From creating inspiring superfood health smoothies to fermenting spicy krauts and making her own vinegars at home, Jayta’s always looking for ways to give nature a helping hand.

As a Holistic Nutritional Health Coach and Counseling Psychologist, Jayta understands the direct connection between the food we put in our mouths and the effects it has on our bodies as well as our minds and emotions. It is with this notion that Jayta has set out to create the best available range of functional nutrition though healthy and healing foods.

Latest research has indicated that fermenting, activating or sprouting natural products enhances our bodies ability to consume their vitamins, minerals, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Fermenting herbs and spices, and sprouting seeds, grains, and nuts, etc. have been shown to be more effective for increased antioxidant support, increased immunity, bone health, and intestinal health. These processes remove anti-nutrients such as phytates and other carcinogens, which build barriers in our digestion from essential nutrients from these foods, making the foods more nutritiously available. Sprouting and Fermenting often go one step further by enhancing the vitamins and minerals found in the food. The end product results in an easier to digest more nutritious functional food. To find comprehensive research links to see for yourself, check out our blog!

Fermentation increases the bioavailability, or the nutrient absorption capability in your body as it predigests the nutrition of the herbs and plants by breaking it down, or initiating the digestion process. Studies indicate that Fermenting, Sprouting, and Activating have the following benefits on our health:

• Improves microflora in our Digestive System
• Microbes found in these foods can improve aspects of immune functioning
• Improves amino acid, nutrients, and phytonutrient absorption levels in our bodies
• Potent quantities of pre and probiotics!


We here at Fermentanicals understand the connection between the environment, the food we eat and our mind and body health. We believe strongly in functional nutrition and sustainability. This is why we source and use only the most organic ingredients to ensure the most natural, potent health benefits. We believe that responsible farming, harvesting, and natural processing can give us everything we need.

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