5 Minutes with Media Legend Shelly Horton

5 Minutes with Media Legend Shelly Horton

5 Minutes with Media Legend Shelly Horton

Our founder, Jayta Szpitalak, caught up with renowned journalist and media personality Shelly Horton from Shell Shocked Media and Channel 9 to discuss health, owning her own business, personal care, and more….all while getting a mini cardio session in themselves! Shelly Horton has had an amazing journalism career appearing on Channel 7 for years and most recently switching over to Channel 9 where she presents three times a week. Known for her outspoken wit, we couldn’t help but be inspired by her raw, real, and authentic persona. Shelly was kind enough to bestow some words of wisdom on starting a business and how to stay healthy while doing what you love. Check it out:

What is your must-do to stay healthy?

I absolutely have to work out, I try to work out 4-5 days a week. I have always struggled with my weight, and I’ve tried to work out every day before, but I find that if I do that, I tire out too easily. It’s all about finding out what works for you.  Traditional ‘healthy’ lifestyles don’t work for me, I’ve tried it and my body is just different – it doesn’t respond to what works for others, so I’ve just realised that you need to go with what works for you.

Is there anything you can’t resist on the ‘naughty’ side of the grocery store?

Oh my God yes…..Chooooocolate! Just the other day I was walking through the supermarket and picked up one of those Cadbury creations because they were having a special, and my partner just shook his head and was like ‘na-ah’ and took the chocolate out of our cart and put it back on the shelves.  So when we went to the checkout, I managed to sneak a Cadbury cream egg in and he just shook his head and told me I’m hopeless!

With your increasingly demanding lifestyle of juggling your own business and still working for the Today show, how do you manage stress?

If I’m stressed, I need to sweat it out, so I head straight to the hardest spin class. I just need to get that energy and adrenaline out of my system, so I literally expel it out. This year has been a stressful year, it was really overwhelming when I created Shellshocked Media (Shelly’s own Media company) and for our entire livelihood to rely squarely on our own business. It’s an expensive endeavor to be constantly filming and creating our own content. However, it made me realise, it’s important to celebrate the wins. You know when it’s your own baby, it’s hard to take the time to recognize when you are moving forward, and you have a tendency to work at all hours of the day. So taking the time to celebrate the achievements and small wins while setting up boundaries on your personal time versus working time is key.

Do you have any advice for upcoming entrepreneurs or for those starting a business?

I don’t call myself an entrepreneur, that word is becoming over-used and it seems as though everyone is referring to themselves as an entrepreneur. My advice for starting your own business is to not overthink it. Everyone puts so much pressure on themselves to have a huge business plan and everything figured out before they start – but just do it! If you are passionate about it, start up and go through the motions, and you will learn as you go along. I was very fortunate to have many successful business people take the time to lend me advice – one of the best pieces of advice that I was given is to set up your billing to receive 50% of your invoice upfront, and the rest on completion. This gives you working capital to be able to invest money back into your business to help it grow. Although, if you have only one take-away from this conversation, it’s to just do it, don’t overthink it.

We at Fermentanicals LOVE that philosophy! Thanks so much to Shelly Horton for some wonderful advice and for taking the time to chat!

Interested in finding out more information on how to manage stress? Columbia University trained Psychologist and Fermentanicals founder, Jayta Szpitalak, shares tips on how to curb distress signs without anyone knowing!

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