Why is Turmeric a super herb?

Why is Turmeric a super herb?

Why is Turmeric a super herb?

Turmeric is definitely considered a super herb in the category of spices.  Widely known for its anti-inflammatory benefits, it’s consumption has been increased due  to new research indicating its association with the inhibition of various cancers as well as its benefits for brain health and osteoporosis.  Studies also indicated Turmeric can aid in depression, weight management, and gut health! It’s also an amazing hangover cure.

Turmeric is a widely used spice in Asia. In India, it is ubiquitous in most dishes and cuisines, and in Okinawa it has been a long practiced ritual of drinking Fermented Turmeric Tea.  (Perhaps this is what contributes to having the largest population of people living older than 100 yeas of age.) Consuming turmeric in it’s raw form, or in it’s often found dehydrated powder form does not yield us the amazing benefits Turmeric has to offer as our bodies have a hard time digesting, or breaking down the raw material.  Studies prove this indicating that turmeric has a low bio-availability. This means to harness the positive effects Turmeric may have on your body and mind, simply sprinkling it on your food won’t do the trick.  Not only that, but taking Turmeric supplements on its own may not be enough either as the body will just eliminate it.  The active ingredient with all its antioxidant magical powers is called Curcumin.  When you ferment turmeric, not only is the herb easier to break down in our bodies, as the digestion process has already started before you consume it, it also increases the amount of curcumin within the Turmeric.  A recent study indicated that fermenting turmeric yields a higher absorption level in the body, hence increasing the bioavailability of the spice.   So basically, consuming turmeric in a fermented form will increase the absorption level of all of its goodness!

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